GOALS! How To Achieve More Than You Currently Are

More often than not, when somebody tells you he has a goal, he’s probably talking about a wish, a dream or a fantasy! Goals go way beyond all that. What exactly are goals? And how do you turn your dreams, wishes and even fantasies into achievable goals? Goals are extremely important; whether you are running your own business, or working for a company, or a student in college. Today we’ll look at how to set goals to ensure maximum productivity. If you are ready, then let’s begin!

1. Plan

A greater part of setting goals has to do with planning. Brian Tracy in his book Goals! How to Get Everything You Want- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, explains the concept of Blue-sky thinking. To practise blue-sky thinking, you project several years into the future and think of how your life would be if everything was as perfect as you wanted it. Now come back to the present and think about all you have to do to get there. Most people think about how perfect they want their lives to be. Sadly, thats where they end – they put down no plans to become all they dream to be. After thinking about how you’d want every aspect of your life to be, you then need to consider what you have to do to be able to get there from where you currently are. That is where the most work is, and that is what most people fail to do. It would require a lot of research but it’s going to be worth it. After finding out from people and searching out information on the internet, you can put together a definite plan to get there. Most of our dreams will require a degree, or a course, or mentorship, etc. Whatever be the case, it will require some level of preparation. What distinguishes people who desire it and become it from people who desire it and don’t become it is that those who become it do not only desire it, they pay the price! So come up with the exact plan needed to accomplish your goals and diligently follow it.

2. Write it down

I once told someone that a friend of mine was visionary and he asked me, “are his goals/vision written down?” This has stayed with me since. A goal must be clearly written down, as well as your plan of action. There’s something about writing even a to-do list; everytime you see it, you are compelled to do what you wrote down to do. Writing down goals must not end there, look at your goals as often as possible. It keeps yours goals always in mind and compels accomplishment.

[ Hab 2:2]] KJV And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it ]

3. Break it down

The larger your goal, the more likely it is to intimidate you. What you must do is break down the larger goal into smaller, attainable, time-bound goals. You can further break down your smaller goals to annual goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and even a daily to-do plan. As you do something each day in line with your goals, you’ll be moving steadily towards achieving your bigger goals. As you accomplish your smaller goals and even daily goals, you’ll gain this confidence and enthusiasm which makes you go ahead to accomplish even bigger goals.

4. Be disciplined

Lastly I’ll talk about discipline which is very important if we’ll accomplish our goals. It’ll take a lot of discipline if you want to get ahead of the average business man, employee, student or even Christian. You must take responsibility for your life and realize that whatever you desire to become will require a price. Writing down a to-do list isn’t the end of it. Wake up and pray if that’s what you have to do to become a stronger Christian! Read books if that’s what you must do to become the well-read life coach you desire to become! Whatever you desire to become, diligently pay the price. The life of comfort is enough. Take charge of your life, and make the impact the Lord purposed for you to make in the world.

[Lam 3:27] KJV It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth]

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